We cordially invite you to experience our delicious desserts.

Elegant Desserts Inc. follows a rich European tradition of designing and creating dessert masterpieces using only the freshest and finest ingredients, and made by most experienced  culinary artisans in the industry. Using the most cherished and sacred recipes handed down from generations of family bakers from Europe,

Elegant Desserts Inc. proudly crafts the most amazing and

satisfying desserts on the planet! Enjoy!

It is with absolute joy that we at Elegant Desserts Inc. have achieved our first ever SQF certification. This honor means we are officially recognized as a food manufacturer that officially follows the highly regarded Safe Quality Foods safety standard. SQF is a code under the Global Food Safety Initiative and plays a major corporate role in how safe food practices are standardized throughout the world today. Elegant Desserts is dedicated to following this code and supports its evolution.  As we have always done, Elegant Desserts will continue to make high quality dessert products using strictly enforced GMPs and effective food safety programs to ensure our customers consume safe and delicious products. For more information, please call us and ask to speak with our SQF practitioner about our food safety program. SQF has provided us with incredible opportunities to grow and strengthen our business. We cannot wait to see the wonderful progress ahead and hope you can join us on our journey. 

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Elegantdesserts.com is here to provide our customers with up-to-date information on all of our products and business news. 

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