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One Bite, Endless Variety

One of our core specialties, our bite sized desserts as brownies, petit fours, or cheesecake bites are just that: single bite sweet treats that are easy to package, serve and eat. Their smaller size helps customers reduce waste. Oh, and no utencils required. 

Dessert for One

Elegant has developed the perfect dessert for one person. Each piece provides a fantastic way to end a meal or indulge in a gourmet treat by itself. They're easy to serve and plate. Ideal for food service, restaurants, and supermarkets.

Cheesecake for the Family

Cheesecakes come in all sizes but our 6" round is a retail powerhouse. Supermarkets, bakeries, gourmet shops love to sell these decadent classics. They're rich, flavorful, and are easy to sell, either in display cases or grab-and-go areas. 

The Retail Cake Superstar

Our 7" cakes are considered  superstars of the retail food space. Both big enough to share yet small enough for a few sittings, this versitile product is a dream to work with. They're elegantly decorated and decadently delicious. Equally gorgeous in a showcase or packaged in eye-catching packaging. 




Grand European Tarts

Pies aren't our style. Elegant has mastered the art of scratch-made European tarts in fresh, seasonal flavors. They're gorgeous for supermarket displays or cut into slices for all types of food events. Our tarts are also featured in a 10" variety for a larger portioning and presentation. 



Massive in Size and Flavor

Cut or scored, decorated or plain, our 10" cakes come in dozens of varieties and are perfect for food service industries. They're easy to cut, portion off and serve as slices to hungry gourmands. If those looking to serve up high-quality cakes to larger audiences.

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