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Chocolate Flourless Cake - 6" Full




These flourless cakes are baked to perfection, using only the finest Belgian chocolate. our decadent creation is a favorite for those on a gluten-free diet.

ITEM #307

Chocolate Flourless Cake - 3" Individual




                            ITEM #107

Banana Caramel New Orleans Cheesecake




This New Orleans inspired banana cheesecake is topped with rum infused whipped cream and drizzled with caramel. Available in 3" as shown.

ITEM #186

Chocolate Dome




This French chocolate mousse shaped dome and covered with a chocolate ganache glaze and filled with a Bavarian cream center. Available in 3" as shown.

ITEM #113

Chocolate Ganache Pyramid





The pinnacle of all chocolate desserts: rich Belgian chocolate mousse with a Bavarian cream center, enrobed in a coating of dark chocolate ganache. Available in 3" as shown.

ITEM #206

The Golden Oval





A regal dark chocolate mousse with 24k gold dust and devil's food cake. Available in 3.25" as shown.

ITEM #127

Tropical Mango & Guava Cheesecake (3" Individual)





A unique blend of island fruits, one layer of mango mousse and guava cheesecake that is as cool as it is refreshing. Available in 3" as shown.

ITEM #185

Chocolate Fudge Birthday Cake






6" of pure chocolate cake with bittersweet chocolate filling and chocolate buttercream frosting.

ITEM #240

Golden Vanilla Birthday Cake






6" of golden vanilla cake with strawberry preserves filling and French white buttercream frosting.

ITEM #243




Crème Brulee





Classic, rich and satisfying, this dessert is traditional but...with a twist. Ready to serve in a buttercrust tart shell. Available in 3.5" as shown.

ITEM #548



S'mores Galore






Pure chocolate chips, marshmallows and graham crackers, lay on a bed of decadent chocolate mousse. One of our newest and most delicious desserts.

ITEM #197

Luscious Chocolate Soufflé (Lava Cake)




3" of total chocolate pleasure. Bake and plate, this is our unique version of hot lava cake.

ITEM #536



Chocolate Soufflé Baking Instructions
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