Christmas & Holiday Desserts

Egg Nog Cheesecake

Oreo®  crumb sides surround a mixture of egg nog creamcheese and heavy cream. The top is filled with a rosette of whipped cream and dusted with nutmeg. Available in

10", 6" and 3" as shown.

ITEM #156

Lemon Coconut Buttercream Cake (3"only)

On a delicate sponge cake bottom, rests a layer of lemon and curd filling, with a yellow cake center, topped with buttercream and plenty of angel flake coconut. Finished with a decorative white chocolate wreath.  Only available in 3" single serve size as shown.


ITEM #535

White Chocolate & Raspberry Mousse Cake

Green striped dobosh sides filled with raspberry and white chocolate mousse finished with a red glaze, a swirl of whipped cream and handmade white chocolate triangles in perfect holiday style. Available in:

10", 7" and 3".


ITEM #919

Yule Log-Classic 6"

Rich chocolate sponge cake, made with raspberry and buttercream filling are rolled into this traditional Yule Log. Iced and decorated for the holidays.

Only available in 6" as shown.


ITEM #909

Yule Log-Modern 11"

A new modern design on this traditional dessert, has a new look and taste. French chocolate buttercream is surrounded by chocolate dobosh with red stripes.

Only available in 11" as shown.


 ITEM #910

Yule Log- Supreme 11"

The Bouche de Noel has never been better expressed than with our Supreme Yule Log. Made with chocolate mousse filling rolled up in a rich chocolate sponge. Buttercream crafted mushrooms and icing complete this creation.

Only available in 11" as shown.

ITEM #908

Rainbow Holiday Cake Bar

This item is a truly colorful holiday treat. Like many of our holiday desserts, our Rainbow holiday cake bar features bright Christmas colors and layers of sweet and creamy buttercream. Perfect for catering and food service, this individual bar is easy to serve and has a taste that your customers will greatly admire after a delectable meal. The red, white, and green chocolate curls on top make for a crunchy and sweet dessert experience. If you like buttercream and soft sponge cake, check out this Holiday-only dessert. 

ITEM #948

Red Velvet Holiday Bar

This dessert bar is the holiday rendition on our Red Velvet cake bar. Our Red Velvet cake is a decadent combination of red devil's food cake and lusciously sweet cream cheese icing. To add a festive spin on this cake, we've sprinkled this bar with red, white, and green chocolate curls. Be sure to have this classic holiday dessert for your patrons. They will love this dessert!

ITEM #946

Holiday Petit Fours- Bite Sized 1.25" Delights

1. Chocolate Ganache Tartlette ITEM #725

2. Egg Nog Cheese Cake Bite Sized Square ITEM #787

3. Hazelnut Petit FouITEM #713

4. Opera Cake Petit Four ITEM #714

5. Rainbow Cake Petit Four ITEM #715

6. Raspberry Cake Petit Four ITEM #716

NOTE: Each selection can be ordered in a solid pack of 48 or in a 48 piece variety pack-(8 pieces of each flavor)

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