St. Patrick's Day

Irish Cream Cheesecake - A Delicious New Addition

What started out as an idea from one of our decorators has become a company favorite in weeks. This unbelievably delicious tasting cheesecake has a subltle yet complex flavor profile, using smooth cream cheese, velvety sweet cream, and Bailey's Irish Cream to leave your palate completely satisfied. Though this dessert is our newest to date, we take great pride in calling it one of our best creations yet. Available in 3", 6", and 10".



                                                                                      GROUP ITEM #506

Chocolate Chip Mint Buttercream Cake

A smooth and refreshing blend of mint buttercream and chocolate cake topped with a rich chocolate glaze and decorated with handmade dark chocolate shamrocks.

Available in 10", 7" and 3".



Irish Cream Mousse Cake

All the ingredients from Emerald Isle are blended together to create this delicate combination of Irish cream mousse and soft sponge cake. Truly a pot of gold for St. Patrick's Day.

Available in 10", 7" and 4.5".



Nutty Irishman Mousse Cake

A blend of roasted hazelnuts, Irish cream mousse and devil's food cake make this treat the perfect ending to any dining experience. Available in 10", 7" and 3".



Mint Opera Buttercream Cake

Alternating layers of mint buttercream, dobosh sponge cake and rich layers of chocolate ganache make this uniquely designed torte a true St. Patrick's Day treat. Available in 6" and

1.25" petit fours.


6" ITEM #947

1.25" ITEM #719

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